Birwa Centre Deluxe Room

Birwa Roof Garden

Large Open Space Hall from Birwa

Birwa Roof Garden Hall with new expections and great view of Melkar Town. A combination of function and form, the Hall is in a league of its own. With a passenger lift to ferry people the floor has 350 seating capacity.

Open space with beautifully designed stage and rooms. 20,000 square feet of indoor space with great ambience. Beautifully crafted interiors with high end accessories and enchanting pieces of art. Complete compliance with Fire Department Regulations.

You will never forget the dinner party under this roof!

  • 300 seat hall on top of the Building.
  • Spacious stage .
  • Clean, neat dining halls.
  • Pure Veg and Non-Veg catering available from Birwa Kitchen.
  • Kitchen facility available if needed.
  • Ample parking space (below ground, above ground).